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Arulex Corporate Services

We want your new venture to hit the ground running by providing you with all things needed to ensure compliance with local regulations. Through Arulex Corporate Services, we deliver discreet and reliable domiciliation-, management-, compliance and related corporate services, tailored to your needs and projects.

Arulex Trust Services N.V. (hereinafter Arulex Corporate Services) offers a variety of services, namely company set-up, incorporation, formation and domiciliation.

Setting up a new company requires a lot of specialist expertise; Arulex Corporate Services is able to provide clients with all necessary assistance and coordination at every stage.

The services may consist of:

Setting up the legal entity

  • Legal entities formation
  • Acting as registered agents and related services
  • Acting as local representatives and related services
  • Directorships and Trustee services

Additional services

If appointed as director of the legal entity, Arulex Corporate Services will assist the client with:

  • Coordination and supervision
  • Establishing and managing group structures in the most efficient way
  • Discretionary management of assets in consultation with client
  • For multinational clients: services to ensure flexibility to structure all types of investments
  • Asset protection and estate planning

Coordination and implementation of legal advice

  • Accounting and corporate secretarial services
  • Estate planning
  • Assistance with tax matters in conjunction with tax advisors

Accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting

  • Registration at the Tax Department of Aruba and related services
  • Filing all statutory returns
  • Bank account opening and management
  • Arranging and attending board meetings
  • Notifying local authorities of changes to company Directors or Officers
  • Managing all requirements as per the articles of incorporation/ association of the legal entity
  • Opening of (corporate) bank accounts and all communications with the bank


  • Assisting client with all matters in order to have the legal entity liquidated to terminate all rights and obligations
  • Relocating any remaining assets in coordination with the client to finalize the liquidation in a correct and definite manner.
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