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What sets us apart

Croes Wever Ruiz Attorneys At Law is a leading law firm in Aruba. Having been in business for around 50 years, our firm has accumulated a vast amount of experience and handled a wide range of legal issues related especially to business.

Our attorneys are recognized as leading experts, both in their area of practice and industries in which they operate. From very simple cases to more complex situations. We are confident that we can handle your case and will do whatever it takes to ensure that we find a solution to the problem you may be having in your business.

We continually strive for the highest levels of professionalism, skill, and accountability. We challenge ourselves each day to be better attorneys and higher achievers for our clients. Additionally, our firm continually invests in the professional growth and development of its employees by regularly flying in professors from abroad to provide courses on various subjects apart from their regular training.

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