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Debt funding vs equity funding

Legal entities can be organized in various ways. The capital structure of a company can be arranged in various manners. Arranging the financing of a legal entity can for example be done through debt funding or equity funding. In the case of debt funding, the shareholder will in most cases grant a loan to the […]

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The employment agreement for a definite period of time

According to Article 7a:1613x paragraph 2 of the Civil Code of Aruba (BWA), an employment contract for a specified period of time can be concluded only under the following circumstances: (i) during “high season” or (ii) to replace someone who is temporarily absent (e.g. on sick leave) or (iii) in the implementation of a new […]

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Assignment agreement vs contract take over (cessie vs contractsovername)

An assignment agreement or a contract take over is used in cases where one party (Party A) wants to acquire a claim that another party (Party B) has on a third party. Party A can for example acquire the claim or the rights and obligations that Party B has because Party B owes Party A […]

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COVID 19: Addendum employment agreement

The primary employment conditions of an employee, such as working hours and salary, may in principle not be amended unilaterally by the employer. As such, the employee must agree to any change of his/her primary employment conditions, even if the amendment is temporary. In order to make changes to the primary employment conditions of an […]

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