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Tips in case of a rental agreement

November 25, 2021

In the case of a rental agreement, more protection is generally provided to the tenant. When terminating a rental agreement, even if entered into for a definite period of time, permission must in principle be obtained from the Rent Commission. Such permission will not be granted easily. Therefore, as a landlord, it is very important to make use of a well-drafted rental agreement. For example, it is important to include a provision that the agreement will end if the property is sold. Furthermore, we always advise our (landlord) clients to include a provision in the rental agreement that the landlord is authorized to have the eviction take place by force (police) and the costs will be borne by the tenant. Thus, there are many more provisions that should not be missing in a rental agreement for a landlord to have a more legal tools against the legally well protected tenant. Feel free to contact us so we can advise you further on what is best for you in your particular case.

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